Coolant Fill Neck / 4 psi Cap Assembly
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Coolant Fill Neck / 4 psi Cap Assembly

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Upgraded coolant fill neck/4 psi cap assemby. Upon purchase/installation remove prior piece and replace with the new upgrade.
Engines can be updated to this latest standard by:
  • Removing and drilling a small hole in the thermostat to provide constant air bleeding of the system
  • Install the new coolant fill neck / 4 psi cap assembly to the engine.
  • Run the Evans prep fluid during all ground operations, until ready for first flight.
  • If NPG coolant has already been in contact with the internals of the engine, boil off any possible moisture and reinstall.
This will provide for a sound coolant system that is:
  • Running low pressure
  • Easy to fill 
  • Self purging
  • Stable temperatures