DUC In-flight adjustable prop
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DUC In-flight adjustable prop

Price: $9,750.00
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- In-flight adjustable propeller with carbon/titanium blade and carbon hub
- Propeller weight extremely low; Titanium bolts
- Management of the pitch by "Constant speed" box & Visual indicator in flight
- Wide range of pitch variation & Safety stops small/large pitch
- Optimized performance for all phases of flight
- Hydraulic power with manual or electric control
- Low consumption & noise reduction
- Innovative high-precision manufacturing


- Tractor; 3-blade
- Weight: 6.5kg in 3-blade
- Pitch angle adjustable, amplitude max. : 23°
- Compatible with hollow shaft engine 
- Diameters Ø1520 to Ø1900mm (Ø60” to Ø75”)
- Shielding leading edge in Incone