SeaRey Kit
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SeaRey Kit

Price: $4,995.00
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When making sleections for your FWF Kit you can work directly with Alissa at: and get exactly what you need.

FWF Package Includes everything listed below:

-Engine Mounting hardware
-Radiator, adapters, hardware and clamps
-Air Filter
-Nylon Bulkhead
-Coolant 135 hose
-Coolant 90 hose (4)
-Coolant 45 hose
-Gallons of coolant (2)
-Gallon of Coolant Rinse
-Barbed 6" tube
-Barbed 12" tube (2)
-11x 1 1/2 Coolant tube
-Hose Clamp (12)
-Oetiker Clamp (10)
-Coolant tank (2)
-Air filter tube with connector
-2 Engine Buss
-(2) Diode
-(2) Master Relay
-Keyed starter switch
-2 Batteries
-Oetiker pliers
-Spring Clamp Pliers
-Through wall fitting (2)
-Fuel Hose (10Ft)
-High pressure fuel filter
-Fuel fittings (2)
-Starter Relay
-Check Valve Assembly
-Prop extension
-Engine mount

Gearbox extension Kit additional $1000