Viking View
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Viking View

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The Viking View is complete with everything needed to monitor a Viking, Rotax or other liquid cooled engine.  

No wiring required other than plugging in pre-made cables and supplying power.  

All parameters are already set. The oil temperature is used for the gearbox.


See the video HERE:


  • The Viking View is an engine instrument.  It does not show a bunch of air-frame related items. It's job is to inform the pilot with the basic information needed to safely make judgments regarding the health of the engine during flight.  
  • 7 functions are provided for normally aspirated engines. They are: RPM, Coolant Temp, Gearbox Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Low Voltage Warning and auto dimming of the lit display.  
  • The instrument uses the latest technology with 2 and 3 wire sensors. 
  • Every sensor comes with a signal cable. Just plug between the instrument and sensor.
  • Auto troubleshooting is built in, detecting faulty sensors or wiring. An X show on the display if a fault is detected.
  • The instrument is expandable with an additional screen for engines needing additional info, such as a turbocharged engine.  
  • Even for non turbo engines an additional screen can provide Voltage readout, EGT, MAP and wideband air/fuel ratio info. These are available but not needed.