Whirlwind STOL Propeller
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Whirlwind STOL Propeller

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Number of Blades: 3 

Diameter: 73-75in.

Weight: 12lbs

HP: 80-115 ( Verbal Approval from Whirlwind for Viking 130 ) 

Blade Color: High Gloss Natural Carbon Fiber 


WhirlWind’s GA blades are constructed from aerospace thermo-set composite materials, and are equipped with a full length electro-formed nickel leading edge for unparalleled durability and precise fit. These blades are light and durable, and are suitable for flying in rain and from unimproved airstrips. WhirlWind’s GA hubs are machined from aerospace grade billet aluminum.

This STOL length propeller is a perfect match for the Viking prop. flange & includes all attach hardware for a no hasssle installation. With 552lbs. of thrust for the Viking 130, combined with this bigger propeller, it's the best you can get for your STOL aircraft!